Marg Software for Inventory& Accounting
FMCG Software Self customisable solution to manage finances, orders, inventory, customers, supply chain,and more. This is a powerful solution for medium - sized and fast growing fast moving consumer goods distributors with vat, tds and e-returns.

Mandi Software Mandi Software Specialized Solution for sabji, aadhat, vegetable, fruit, grain, krishi and dry fr uits merchant 's with mahajani accounting, vat, tds and e-return.

ERP Software E3iERP has a 'proven' track for Small and Me dium Enterprises, designed, and developed by experts. Integrated Business Management, thr ough ERP, will give an Organization the'comp etitive edge'.

Wholesale/Distibution Software Comprehensive for managing finances,orders,i nventory, customer, supply chain,and more.Th is is a powerful solution for medium-sized and fast growing distributors looking to gain a com petitive advantage.

Restaurant Software A complete windows based bar and restaurant billing software includes order,kot,kitchen,pos billing , cashier management with accounting , vat, tds and e-returns.

Manufacturing ERP Software MARG is designed specifically for the needs of small and mid-sized manufacturer offer sta ndalone as well as a complete ERP suite with accounting,material planning,order managem ent ,inventory, various type of bill of material with vat, tds, excise and e-returns.

Point to Sale/Retail Software Designed for today's retailer, MARG is a user- friendly Point of Sale solution includes pos,inv entory management, accounting and industry-s pecific features with vat, tds and e-returns.

Jewellery Software
Designed specifically for jewelry retailers,wh
olesalers and chains,delivers comprehensive i
nventory management,vendor management ,c ustomer relationship management and point o f sale features with accounting,vat,tds and e-r eturn

Excise Software India's most demanding erp and stand alone so lution for trader and manufacturing to manage excise billing,excise record, finance,inventory , vat, tds and e-returns.

Our Vision
"It's all in our DNA. At Marg we are programmed for success."
"It's an energy that inhibits us and carries our convictions �that each of us is a leader, each of us empowered with the personnel responsibility of delivering on promises. This commits us to excellence in every time you interact with us. This is what launches us towards the peak experience of success in achieving potential."
Pawan Kumawat
"Marg", named as "Path" in Sanskrit & "Way" in English, is the Road to Success. We are specialist in providing solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry, Customized software solutions & IT services. We create technology and drive it as our passion. We developed lot many popular software including pharmaceutical software (for chemists, C&F, manufacturing companies) for complete pharmaceutical trade, excise & retail software,Online Trading & Jeweler software, Mandi Software. After proving our caliber in software development,now we are mark our presence in Internet solution,IT industry & complete business consulting
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